Big Tree Productions






Big Tree Productions completed principal photography on their first feature, The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue, in July of 2009. We are now in post-production. Click on the link to the left for up-to-date information from the movie's official site!

Big Tree Productions is a Chicago-based independent film and video production company.

The members of Big Tree are all former child stars from the sitcoms of the 80's who have decided to make movies as a way of supporting our self-destructive habits.

We are an affordable full-service production company, providing help to you or your client on all aspects of your brodcast or internet project, from script-writing, to shooting, to editing, to daycare for your children while you micromanage all the previous stuff to make sure we're not throwing your money away on misguided flights of fancy.

We don't really provide day care, but now that I say it, it sounds like a good idea, so yeah, why the hell not, we'll watch your children for you. We'll probably put them in whatever we're shooting. Am I rambling? I love you.